1. Why granite preferred for kitchen countertops?

Countertops in kitchen & bar area are after exposed to acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, alcohol and tomato sauce. The feldspar content keeps it water resistant and silicate it contains won’t react with acids. This properties help granite resist staining & retain it’s fine luster over a long time. Granite is the hardest and densest of all the natural stones. Knives, dishes, pots and pans may cause scratching of other materials.

2. Why marble more preferred for bathrooms?

Bathroom countertops are more likely to be exposed to alkaline products. Alkaline products don’t react with marble.

3. Why Some Stones more expensive than others?

Stones that are denser and quarried below ground are difficult & expensive to process. The one above ground are processed cost effectively. Also long distance shipping and rareness of certain stone factors into pricing.

4. What is quality difference of stone from different countries?

Stone qualities and characteristics differ due to geological formations, not geographical boundaries. Stone quarried In one area may contain more of the mineral mica which means more shiny Crystals.

5. What Care and maintenance of Stone is recommended?

Clean with warm water and mild soap.Never use acidic Cleansers or abrasive chemicals. Sealing need to be done after installation and every 1 to 2 years thereafter. Also some sealers provide for only one single application every 12-15 years. Stone impregnators sealer consists of microscopic balls of silicone that attach themselves to crevices inside the stone and act as waterproof shield.

6. What Type of grout is best in the installation of mosaic Tile?

Non sanded grout is recommended.Sanded grout will dull the finish.

7. Do Granite emit harmful radiation?

Granite don’t emit harmful radiation. Please visit Granite for Marble institute of America website for detailed information.

8. Do Quartz Need any Sealing?

Quartz being non porous need no sealing. It resists staining and stands up to juice, wine, tomato, coffee for other sources of stain. For cleanliness a non porous surface means it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. You can stay confident on cleanliness.

9. How can I get an estimate?

Bring a rough sketch and measurements of the work need to be done and if possible photos also. We will provide you a free in Store estimate. If you like the price then we could schedule in home measurements by Prime Granite & Cabinets.

10. Do you provide warranty on your work?

Yes Prime granite and cabinets gives LIFETIME WARRANTY on all the workmanship. Any fault related to workmanship will be corrected at no cost to you.

11. Can you do my cutting/ fabrication and I do my own installation?

Yes, we can do that according to the measurements provided by you. If you need more adjustments on the installation that will be your responsibility because walls are not square most of the time.

12. Are you Licensed/Insured?

Yes we are C-54 Licensed with state of California (CA LIC # – 1009569).We are fully insured for worker compensation and general liability. We do not subcontract our jobs.

13. What areas do you serve ?

We provide service in whole central California from Fresno to Sacramento and from San francisco/Monterey bay to Mariposa mountains.